7 Star Samurott Raid!

The next Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Raid Battle has been revealed. Find the best counters to the upcoming Samurott 7 star raid in this guide.

7 Star Samurott Raid Pokemon Scarlet Biolet

7 Star Raid Samurott Counters

The 7 Star Samurott Raid will begin on the following dates:

  • March 31 to April 2
  • April 7 to April 9

Since at the time of writing, we are unsure of Samurotts move sets and stats, we can still make some educated guesses and pick some great counters for taking it down when the day comes: Samurott will likely have the Bug Tera Type and we can assume it has the Shell Armor ability.

The set up we think will be either Swords Dance or Focus Energy. For physical/special movesets, we predict the following:

Physical – Megahorn, Liquidation, Night-Slash, Scared Sword

Special – Hydro-Pump, Ice Beam

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Best Counters

Gholdengo will be our very first special attacker choice against Samurott. We will go with the ability “Good as Gold” with the Rock Tera Type and a Hard Stone equipped as a held item. We want to make sure we have max HP and Sp Attack Stats with the moves Nasty Plot, Power-Gem, Metal-Sound & Reflect. Gholdengo has overall really good bulk and can hit like a truck. It’s possible to knock out Samurott within 3-4 turns. Power Gem is our best damaging rock move here especially since Samurott does have a lower special defense. Metal Sound is a good move to lower the special defense stat of Samurott in case you need to play supporter in the raid or would like to help set up one of your other teammates for an attack. Reflect is a good move for the entire team as we are predicting Samurott will have some sort of strong physical move. The only move we should be worried about while using Gholdengo is if Samurott has Night-Slash as that will hit us super-effectively. Otherwise, Gholdengo is able to resist the megahorn, immune to the sacred slash, resistant to the ice-beam & neutral to any water based moves. The hard stone item is solely here to boost the attack of our power-gem move. The tera rock is there in case we need to take out the shields towards the end.

The Aqua Breed of Tauros is another great counter considering it will be a fighting/water type pokemon. You will resist water, ice, dark and bug type attacks. With a tera type of rock and a held item of hard stone to boost those rock moves. This build will consist of an adamant nature, with max HP and Attack based stats. The ability intimidate will also be useful as it will lower Samurotts attack stat by 1 stage. The move-sets that we want to go with is rock-slide, bulk-up, stone-edge and liquidation. Liquidation is just here as a fourth move to do some stab and damage if need be, however, the key moves we will be looking into is rock-slide and stone-edge. Rock-slide will be able to possibly outspeed the Samurott as well as have the possibility to flinch it. Bulk-Up is a great move to use to bulk up your attack and defense stats in battle thus helping you use your rock-slide or stone edge combo.

Last but not least, Koraidon is a great option to use against Samurott. We want to make sure that we give it the item “Life-Orb.” The tera type would be fire with the ability Orichalcum Pulse. Make sure the HP and Attack stat are maxed out with an adamant nature. The move set you want to go with on this build is swords-dance, flare-blitz, screech and taunt. With a full screech set up it’s possible to get a turn 3 kill with Koraidon.

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